Course Syllabus


Let me run through the syllabus with you quickly. We've talked about course objectives and we've talked about the course timing.

  • You're obviously in the introduction module. One really quick thing about the introduction module, which you're gonna get to here shortly, quick relief tools. We wanted to really give you something quickly here that would give you relief before you've even started this course. These are things that you can go back to. These are really great practices throughout this course, but we really wanted to give them to you at the beginning, so that you had some type of relief. Modules are gonna be released to you as you progress through the course.
  • The next one you're gonna come to is your nervous system and why it's important to you. We love this section. This is really the body of the work here. And quick note, the regulation techniques that you're gonna get to in the homework in this module are essential. You're gonna pick a couple of these practices and you're gonna utilize them every day. So one thing to point out in that.
  • The next module, module three is focusing on your health and how anxiety, stress and overwhelm impact your health. Also some of the things that you can do to help mitigate some of the effects of stress on your body and in your with your health. There are a couple of tools in there, some breathing exercises that we think are going to be very helpful and handy for you. Again that you can potentially implement into your daily practice.
  • The fourth module is building your awareness and this is a really unique module. This is really talking more about your patterns, your core values, practicing non-judgment. So I think you're going to get a lot out of that particular module as well. There's also a quick relief, quick relief strategies in our tools in that module if you will.
  • The fifth module is building your resilience. And this is a great module to, again, we kind of focus on boundaries in this one, how to ask for support. We have a lot of tools: journaling, meditation, breath work, exercise movements in this particular module.


And in our final module, we provide space for a recap and a reflection, looking back on how far you've come, what you've learned, and also providing you with tools to explore what's next for you. We give you resources to explore on your own, and we also outline what it looks like to work with Bridget or myself one-on-one. We also include a course evaluation, and we really welcome your candid feedback. We would love to know what worked well for you, what you loved. We also are always looking for ways to improve the course.

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