Quick Relief Tool: Movement Energy Release


So you may have noticed that when you're feeling anxious, that trying to breathe to calm down doesn't actually work for you. And this is because there's too much energy in the body. So here, I wanna give you three different tools for moving some of that excess energy out of the body so that you can then create the space to down-regulate. And Bridget kindly is going to be my model for these exercises because I am nine months pregnant and it's really hard to see some of these things when I demonstrate them at this particular moment in time.

  • So the first exercise is really just shaking the body out. Shake your arms and legs, you can stomp your feet on the ground, right? It's just moving that energy through and out of the body. You can do this until you sort of feel a shift in your energy and when you stop, you know, take note of how your body feels and if you need to move more energy out, go for it.
  • Now the second one is also kind of an induced tremoring. We know that animals in the wild when they're attacked, afterwards you may have seen some of these on different Discovery Channel videos, right? They get the antelope goes and gets attacked and then it shakes its whole body off after playing dead and that moves some of that energy and that trauma through the body. So this is kind of an induced tremor that you can start and stop at any time. And it's called bow pose. So what Bridget's going to do is she's going to stand to the side so you can see your body. Your legs are going to be hip distance apart and she's going to bend her legs and she's going to put her hands on her back in her sacrum area. Then, she's going to push her hips forward just a little bit, so her hips are going forward. You're not trying to create a large arch in the back. This shouldn't be painful to your lower back. And then she's going to keep her chin down to parallel with the floor and then she's going to slowly start bending and straightening her legs. And as she does this there's going to be a point where the legs, and therefore the body that you find where it starts to kind of tremor and wiggle a little bit. You can probably see her body is moving here. And you just let yourself stay in this position, probably for about a minute. And then slowly come out of it. Take note of how your body feels.
  • Now the last tool, very similar to bow pose, but different position is in a forward fold. So you're going to bend over and touch your toes and depending on your level of flexibility like you want this to be you want to be able to actually touch something. So if you need to put a chair in front of you or a yoga block in front of you you can do that. You want your head to be hanging and again we are going to bend and straighten the legs until we find that point where there is a spontaneous tremor. Just nice and slow bending and straightening. I often find that point like where my legs are almost straight but just a little bit bent. If I hold it softly and don't try to tighten everything, that's where I find the tremor. Yeah and you can see her body's moving. So you again, you're going to stay here for about a minute. And then when you come up, just come up really slowly. So try these when you feel like you've got excess energy in the body and move some of that energy out. Other things that can be helpful are like pushing against the wall or burpees, just anything that helps you get some of that charge, some of that energy out, so that you can then use a different tool to down-regulate.

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